See it, Say it, Sign it!
  See it, Say it, Sign it!

What every parent should know about communicating with children aged 4 Months – 4 years

By Louise Porter – Minsigners Maidstone

Learn how you can communicate and bond with your child, even before they can talk by teaching your child sign language.

Discover the 6 most important things you need to know about teaching a baby sign language.

1.    Communicating before talking.  Babies and young children’s vocal mechanics develop at different rates.  By being able to communicate you can open up a whole world of understanding between you and your child.  Why wait for them to speak?  Little people have a lot to say!

2.    Better Bonding.  By learning to understand what your child wants or needs, you can start to feel confident that you able to understand and not having to guess.

3.    Removing Frustration. By being able to communicate with your child and know if they are hungry, thirsty, tired or wanting more, you can start to solve problems and relieve any frustration far quicker

4.    Insight into their world.  By understanding what your child is looking at and interested in you can aid their learning and development though talking and signing. Take the lead from your own child.

5.    Higher IQ? Statistically, signing babies have been shown to have a higher IQ as they grow up as a result of being introduced to a second language at an early stage.  
Perhaps this is because they are able to learn sooner and with more clarity from an earlier age, or perhaps it’s just because they develop a love for learning in their early years.  Either way, learning sign language can help your child achieve more.

6.    Supporting Spoken Language Development.  Some parents worry that by teaching their baby sign language it might delay spoken language development.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  By talking to your child at the same time as signing (See it, Say it, Sign it) you are actually helping your child connect the world around them with aural and visual accompaniment.  Even though they may not have developed their vocal chords to the point that they can clearly say words, by combining signing and talking you are helping them develop language skills and learning.


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