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"First, I would thoroughly recommend this class and will do for all my friends with little ones. The structure of the sessions and atmosphere created within them with Max and all the 'distractions' are absolutely fantastic. I've certainly learnt a huge amount through such fun education and Dudley has too! but most importantly I found Louise to be one of the kindest and loveliest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Not only is her wonderful personality totally engaging but she has the patience of a saint and is a very talented out and out fabulous woman! I hope we'll stay in touch. Xx"


Katie & Dudley Idle  

"My son and I thoroughly enjoyed each week. Louise is an excellent teacher and made us all feel very welcome. I would definitely recommend it to other mums and dads"


Diane Penna & Henry

"I started going with my son when he was seven and half months old, and he really enjoyed it. Louise is really friendly, welcoming, very enthusiastic about the course, and clearly very knowledgeable. As the groups are kept small, she is able to give plenty of individual attention to mums and babies wherever it's needed. You learn in a fun way through stories, songs and activities, rather than simply 'learning by rote'. This involves using lots of books and puppets which really keep the attention of the little ones.  The signs we learnt each lesson were always things that could be used in daily life. I really enjoyed each lesson, and not just because of the biscuits that Louise brings in!"


Mrs Pavla Smith and Ben 

"We were in a small, friendly group, and the sessions were relaxed and fun, yet we learnt many useful signs to help our babies understand and communicate their needs. My baby is now 8 months, and although he doesn't make any signs yet, I am certain that he understands the signs for milk and sleep! It was also nice to have an informal coffee time at the end of each session to talk to the other Mums"


Lisa Reverley & Joseph

"We completed the beginners course in Dec and my 10 month old daughter is now responding to signs; 'up' 'milk' 'drink' to name a few and has just started doing her own sign for 'more' - a couple of demanding claps!! which she is using for food and activities. It's given us encouragement to carry on - it's great to be able to communicate! :)"


Margaret and Jessica
"Arin & I both thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Louise. She put a lot of effort into preparation & we looked forward to learning something new each week. At 12 months Arin definitely recognizes signs as I continue to sign with him, i.e. "woof-woof", light, food, milk, book, hot ... and attempts to sign some of them too! I would definitely recommend signing."


Tersia Downing and Grandson Arin
"This is an amazing thing to do with your baby and Louise is a fantastic teacher and makes it fun and easy.

It is incredible when you see your child able to communicate with you from an early age, often long before speech begins.
We first met Louise when our daughter was 6 months and we were amazed when we saw the first sign (bird) being done just a few weeks later. When we stopped teaching her new signs she could do 40-50.
When our son was born we didn't hesitate to again sign up for classes with Louise. Now at 11 months old he is already using many signs to communicate with us.
This is definitely something we think all parents should do. You will be astonished with what your child is able to learn and Louise is the perfect person to be there to guide you through it!"



"My daughter, Alice and I have recently completed the beginners signing course and both thoroughly enjoyed it. The first time Alice signed 'more' to me was so special and makes the hard work seem worth it. I have continued to sign with her and she now signs quite a bit (food, drink, milk, mummy, home, more). I would really recommend it to anyone!"



"Louise's classes are fantastic. My son was able to communicate with me very early on, letting me know what he did and didn't want to eat, if he wanted a drink, milk or 'more'. At just 10 months old he also quickly picked up the signs for 'mummy' and more surprisingly 'daddy' (it's a two handed sign). He's now 14 months old, is talking more, and is also still signing more (fish, bubble, please/thank you, hungry and bird to name a few). I highly recommend these courses to ease frustration with communication and to enhance their speech. They are so much fun, the little ones don't even realise they're learning a valuable skill!"


"As a nanny, I have been fully aware of 'Baby signing' for many years, but I have never attended any classes with the children that I was looking after, as parents were generally very sceptical! Becoming a parent my self in March last year, I knew that 'Baby Signing' was most definitely a class that I wanted to try out. I must admit, I only joined the class for a bit of fun for Fred and I, but I soon discovered that 'Baby signing' was one of the best classes that I have attended, in my 20 years as a nanny. The class is a combination of music, songs, stories and action, observing and participating, a real variety. To my amazement, Fred actually picked up the signing quite early on, he had been signing 'more' for weeks, he knew what he was 'saying' it was just mummy who was slow of the mark! Suddenly it all came together, we only did the beginers course, (need to find time for second course!) but Fred can sign more, food, drink, nappy, bath, bubbles, milk, swing, dog, duck, mummy, please, thank-you, up, sleep/bed to name but a few! He actually says 'up' and 'dog' when he is doing the signs, so his speech is also coming on well, he is still only 13 months.
Last thing to add, is that my sister who has three grown up girls (and WAS a sceptic!) is absolutely blown away about how Fred can communicate with everybody and she wishes that she had known about baby signing with her girls when they were babies! Thank you Louise. X"



"This is an excellent course and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. Louise is a fantastic teacher, very patient, friendly, welcoming, extremely knowledgeable and has such a lovely way with the little ones keeping them engaged and interested all the time. The babies enjoy learning the signs through songs, stories and puppets and we have come away with lots of signs to practice and use in our daily routine. My son is already beginning to understand the signs for food, home and car and it is fantastic to be able to start communicating with him and to know that he will soon be able to tell me what he wants and needs "


Phillipa and Dylan 


Rebecca Lewis 

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