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  See it, Say it, Sign it!

What is Baby Signing?

'Baby signing’ is when sign language is used with hearing babies to enable them to communicate before they can talk.


Why is Baby Signing Important?


Babies and toddlers all have a natural ability to use gesture, and signing is simply an extension of this.  Unfortunately vocal mechanics do not form until much later on in a baby’s life – so why wait until they can speak?


Little people have a lot to say!!!


By introducing basic signs at an early age, you can provide the tools for babies to communicate their needs and feelings.   

Wider Vocabulary

Research reveals that signing with your child encourages their love for learning and widens their vocabularly.  It is very important that signing is used in conjunction with speech and it is my golden rule that you must use the 3 S’s.


British Sign Language


Because you are using the standard signs of British Sign Language, your baby's signs will not only be understood by you, but also by others who sign.


  • You can understand your babies’ needs and therefore this can reduce frustration
  • It strengthens the bond between baby and parent and your relationship is enriched
  • Signing boosts babies’ confidence and self-esteem
  • Babies are introduced to language earlier and signing helps to develop a wider vocabulary
  • Statistics reveal it can lead to a higher than average literacy level
  • Babies' emotional and intellectual development is stimulated – Can result in higher IQ levels

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