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Poppy's Day Nursery 

Staplehurst, Kent


Tel: 01580 892600



Anne was asked how signing has helped her and the staff working at Poppy's Day Nursery.






What is your favourite sign?  

"Thank you"


What is the most popular sign at the nursery?



How easy have the staff found it to learn, remember and implement the signs?

"Easy to remember and implement most common signs.  Staff members who did not do the course have picked up the basic common used signs".


What Benefits have the nursery experienced, now that signing is being used?

"Children and Staff have a way of communicating.  Children can communicate preferences using signing, which helps deflate any disagreements between the children.  Signing also helps us to let children aware of any dangers etc.  We can also give children prior warning of any routine change which is settling and calming to teach."


Do you have a particular memorable moment when a child has signed with you?

"I told a child of just one year old that her mother had arrived, doing the sign for mummy at the same time as using the word and she did the sign for "Mummy", replicating it several times. At the time I did not know she could do this sign.


Would you recommend other nurseries to use signing and why?

"Yes, even very young children can pick up basic signing, indicating needs and helping to develop language.  Signing has helped improve communication between staff and the babies within the setting."

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